What is a mentee?

Someone who has independently chosen to participate in this program and is partnered with an experienced mentor. As the mentee, you are in the driver’s seat to guide how interactive and how successful you want your mentoring connection to be.

By joining this program, you are acknowledging that you are ready to start down a new path. This journey can be enhanced through a series of planned experiences, – and you decide upon the amount of friendship and support you need. You will identify the things you wish to gain and we’ll help support you as you achieve your goals.

Who qualifies as a Mentee

A mentee is someone who has recently come through an oppressive situation and is safely on the other side of it.
If you are in an emergency situation, call 911. If you have not left your abuser yet, here are some resources you can turn to (crisis support lines, etc.).

If you have left your oppressive situation and are determined to move forward with your life, you might be the type of person we’re in a position to help.

Mentee Responsibilities

Mentees will be guided through a program to help define what goals they would like their mentor to help them work towards and will need to commit to a minimum of 2-4 hrs a month (for a minimum of a year). Mentees will be asked to commit to the responsible use of their mentor’s time and do their best to follow-through on the goals they have set for themselves with their mentor’s support and friendship.

Want to learn more about becoming a mentee? Email us at for more information.